Audio Cassette & DAT

Millions of audio cassettes have been abandonned for the convenience of CD. These cassettes may contain precious sounds of the past that can not be replaced.

With age,use, and depending on storage conditions, the metal-oxide magnetic tape in a cassette will eventually become unplayable. The first North American audio cassettes were released in 1965, so it's possible you may own cassettes that are over 40 years old!

Cassette Transfer Prices

90 minute - $45.00
60 minute - $35.00
30 minutes- $25.00

Note: Prices are for a direct copy of the cassette to CD. In most cases, that is all that is required. If you need to have parts of the material edited as discrete tracks, there may be an additional charge.

Sound Enhancement

If necessary, your material can be finely edited and the sound improved using sophisticated software. Basic enhancements are included in the transfer charge.

How much material will fit on a CD?

A standard 700MB CD-R will hold up to 80 minutes of material.

Note: Many commercial audio cassettes thought no longer available may often be found and purchased digitally or on CD from many sources on the internet. Examples of comprehensive suppliers are iTunes or You may also check the website for artist or producers of the original materials.

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