Q. Can we combine several video tapes on one DVD?

A.Yes. We will combine as many individual video tapes on one DVD as disc space will allow. Each tape will appear as a chapter on the DVD menu, allowing you to choose which video you want to watch.  Yes, you may combine different tape formats.

Q. Can you edit my videos?

A. Yes. For example, if you wish to leave out certain segments, please identify them and we will endeavour to do so.  We always try to minimize long blank sections, or sections of video with the camera inadvertently left running. TV shows that often cut in during, or at the end of a fasmily video are also minimized. This “linear” editing is included in the basic transfer charge. If required, ADD can perform much more sophisticated digital (non-linear) video editing. However additional charges will apply based on the time required.

Q. We’re not sure what’s on some of our tapes and have no equipment to review them.

A. No problem. When you bring in your material for transfer, we‘ll be pleased to check the mystery tapes with you, to determine their content and length. 

Q. We’ve tried to play our tapes and they look terrible.  Is it too late to transfer?

A. Video tapes do degrade with age and use, losing some colour balance and focus. Tapes that have been played/used many times may be unstable. However, we’ve found that in a lot of cases an aging video tape player may be partly to blame for playback issues. Bring in your tapes for transfer and we’ll check them. We rarely get one we can’t play.      

Q. Can a damaged video tape be repaired?

A. Yes. The most common tape damage is a result of being “eaten” by a tape player.The second most common is dog chewing. We have a very high success rate at repairing and transferring damaged tapes. However, some footage may be lost where the tape is mangled. Tape repair minimum, $12.50.

Q. Do you perform the transfers or are they sent out to an automated service?

A. All transfers are performed in-house at ADD. Your precious materials never leave our studio. Personal attention is paid to each and every project.  

Q. Besides DVD, are there other alternatives for storing/transferring my videos?

A.  Yes. Digital video files are a very good way to store your movies.  These high quality video files can be stored on a computer hard drive and played using your computer’s media player. Besides storage, the video files are ideal for future editing using your own software. There is a nominal extra charge for video files. You need to provide us with an external disc drive on which to load your files. These files require a large amount of storage space. Approximately 13GB per hour. Typical file types are .MOV or .AVI.

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