PAL Video Tape and DVD Conversions
PAL is a video system used in many parts of the world other than North America. (North America is "NTSC") PAL video tapes look physically identical to North American "VHS" tapes but will not play on NTSC equipment. ADD can do a quality conversion of these tapes that will allow you to play them on your own equipment.

Many foreign DVD's also use the the PAL video system and may have a 'region code' other than 1. (1 is the region code of North America) These DVD's will not play on most North American sytems and must be converted to NTSC. ADD can also do a quality conversion of these DVD's that will allow you to play them on your own equipment.

Direct Transfer to DVD (No Editing)

2 Hr. PAL or SECAM tape, $35.00 2 or more tapes $25.00 each

Note: Extra charges apply for slow speed tape containing several hours of material.

PAL DVD Conversions

Price for this type of conversion depends on the type of video, the region code, and length the program material.

Conversion of PAL DVD or Video Tape

Want to send a video tape or DVD overseas? ADD can convert your NTSC (North American) material to play anywhere in the world.

PAL Tape Repairs

In most cases we can repair PAL tape cassette. If the tape itself is damaged, some material may be lost. $12.50 per tape.

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