Reel to Reel Tape Transfer

Sounds from the 50's through the 80's can be resurrected and transferred to CD, or digital audio files for use on PC or Mac

Reel To Reel Formats Supported

1/4 inch tape: mono/stereo 2 ways, or 2 track stereo one way (1/2 track).

Speeds: 15/16, 1-7/8,
3-3/4, 7-1/2, or 15 inches per second.

Transfer Process & Pricing

Your tapes will be played on first class equipment, and handled by an experienced audio engineer. Tape format, thickness & playing speed vary greatly. Therefore, transfer charges are $50.00 per hour of playing time.

How Much Material Will Fit On A CD?

A standard 700MB CD-R will hold up to 80 minutes of material.

Sound Enhancement

If necessary, your material can be finely edited and the sound improved using sophisticated software. Basic enhancements are included in the transfer charges.

Tape Condition

Reel to reel tapes are quite durable, and usually sound great even after several decades. Some brands & vintages of tape may suffer from an affliction called "sticky shed syndrome," which requires a special 'baking' process for restoral. If necessary, it is an extra charge.

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