VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, PAL, SECAM, DV,
Mini-DV, 8MM, Digital-8 & Hi8
Got a priceless collection of family video tapes you cant play?
These tapes degrade with age and use. Save them now! Have them professionally transferred to DVD and/or AVI video files that can be stored and edited later on a PC or Mac.
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Direct Transfer to DVD

2 Hr. VHS or 8mm video tape, $35.00. 2 or More, $25.00 each.
Mini-DV $35.00 2 or More, $30.00 each.

Note: Extra charges of $10.00/hr. apply for slow (EP) speed VHS, Beta or other tapes containing substantially more than 2 hours of video.

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Editing and Colour Correction

ADD will endeavour to omit lengthy unwatchable sections of video. We can also perform linear edits to omit sections if required. However, if extensive editing or colour correction is required, extra charges will apply.

VHS Tape RepairsIn many cases we can repair your VHS or 8mm tape cassettes. If the tape itself is damaged, some material may be lost. $12.50 per tape.

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